In Cambodia they say men are like gold and women are like cloth.  Drop gold in the dirt and it can be washed clean. Drop cloth in the dirt and it is stained forever.  From within that deep seeded context we find the atrocity of sex trafficking of little girls.  With this cultural perspective in view, how can this atrocity occur?  It occurs because the culture lacks any deep root of the Gospel of Christ. We are here to help see that this changes.  We are here because folks have partnered with us in the work.  We will share through this blog what benefit is coming through your support.  Watch and see what God is doing.

At the heart of our work here is the desire to see God become known and followed among these precious people.  Stepping into the middle of the huge issue of sex trafficking of kids is without a doubt a place to see how lives can be changed through knowing the Truth.  In the next few posts, I am going to try to help you understand the root of the lives here and both the depravity and the desperation.  Then I will follow up with the rays of hope shinning through.  Follow us and please share with friends.  This is a cause that cries out. It is worth your attention. Here is one of the best articles clearly describing the context.  Please, take a few moments to read, consider, pray, and share. Please, follow this link for the story that will change the way you look at your children and grandchildren.  If you are a teacher, you will look differently into the eyes of young students.  We have a responsibility to our children to raise them in the ways they should go not for self pleasure or reward. 

Debbie Livingston