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An Unexpected Blessing

Not always, but sometimes, God has given me the grace to see His mighty hand moving even as it is moving.  Such is the case now as I face, with Him, the first real medical challenge of being on the mission field. About two weeks ago I was diagnosed with a medical condition that is compromising the quality of my life, ability to be active and if it becomes extreme my life itself.  This condition has likely been coming on slowly over more than a year of time.  Many early signs were quite minor and I remember saying more times in the last year, “I am just not 25 years old anymore”.   I was sure I was beginning to feel my...

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A story worth sharing. As you prepare for this week in America, please remember to be thankful for the rescue and restoration of Toha and others just like her here in Cambodia and around the world.  The story is hard to hear, but the victory should be shouted from the mountain tops. God is not dead!  He is alive and we see His work in the lives of those we get to work with here.  Please consider sharing this with other folks who may share your desire to see child-trafficking come to an end here, there and EVERYWHERE. We are thankful for those who follow and support our work both in prayer and finances.  We are not with our family...

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In Cambodia they say men are like gold and women are like cloth.  Drop gold in the dirt and it can be washed clean. Drop cloth in the dirt and it is stained forever.  From within that deep seeded context we find the atrocity of sex trafficking of little girls.  With this cultural perspective in view, how can this atrocity occur?  It occurs because the culture lacks any deep root of the Gospel of Christ. We are here to help see that this changes.  We are here because folks have partnered with us in the work.  We will share through this blog what benefit is coming through your support.  Watch and see what God is doing. At the heart of...

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